Smart Snacks Resource

Smart Snacks are HERE!


Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards are practical, science-based nutrition standards for all foods and beverages sold to students during the school day (outside of the school meals programs). This includes vending, a la carte, school stores, snack carts and fundraising. These nutrition standards put all foods and beverages sold to students across campus on a level playing field. Cookies, candy, chips, donuts and soda are being replaced with items like nuts or seeds, popcorn, baked chips, fruit cups and plain water.


Access to healthier foods and beverages is important because healthy, well-nourished students are better learners! Students who consume healthier foods and beverages are more likely to get the nutrients they need to learn, play and grow. As students continue to see a difference in their school meals, including more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, it is important to provide healthier foods and beverages outside of the cafeteria as well so we can continue to build on the great strides being made in the cafeteria!