Welcome to the CISD Technology Page
Columbus Independent School District is dedicated to providing our students with technological resources that will prepare them for a successful future in a high tech world.  Our technology department equips our campuses with state of the art computing, knowledgeable IT support, and a high speed network that keeps our school relevant in a constantly changing, competitive field.  
-To do our absolute best to provide equal access to technology for all of our clients.
-To provide our staff with perennial learning, training and application to stay current on new concepts and strategies.
-To streamline our classrooms with comprehensive equipment that promotes uniformity from campus to campus. 
-To bolster our curriculum and quality of education through better technology.
-To employ conservative use of technology resources in order to maintain fiscal efficiency.
-To empower our student body with the technological know-how, confidence, and skills necessary to achieve greatness in and outside the classroom. 
We are proud to prepare today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world. 
Student Acceptable Use Policy
Staff Acceptable Use Policy
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