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District Goals

Student Outcomes


Columbus ISD will implement a comprehensive, challenging course of study that addresses the individual and diverse needs of learners and focuses on individual student growth,  while preparing  all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in an everchanging world.


Performance Objectives:


Ensure that CISD curriculum is implemented, assessed, measured at intervals and retaught as necessary. Student growth is monitored, and interventions are individualized to help achieve student success.


Ensure that the students of Columbus ISD are exposed to a variety of College, Career, and Military opportunities through successful implementation of technology, innovative design, innovative programs, CTE participation, a strong SEL curriculum to meet the needs of students, and a career and college going culture in all schools.


District Culture


Columbus ISD will implement a safe and positive school culture that focuses on the traditions in CISD and creates new opportunities for students to participate in.


Performance Objectives:


Columbus ISD will increase opportunities for students to be active  participants in building a positive school culture of Cardinal Pride.




Columbus ISD will recruit, retain, and support quality educators.


Performance Objectives:


Columbus ISD will build a variety of systems to increase teacher retention and will recruit and support new members to the Columbus ISD community.


District Communication


Columbus ISD will build a collaborative network of communication that actively engages our district, families, and community.


Performance Objectives:


Columbus ISD will utilize multiple methods of communication to partner with its stakeholders to build a positive climate, strengthen customer service and establish district-wide expectations to support transparency and accountability.