Board Of Trustees

Mrs. Dorothy Wostarek
Board Secretary
Mr. Bo Schobel
Board President
Mr. Scott Orange
Board Vice-President

School Board

Mr. Robert Russell
Board Member

November 2020- May 2023

Mrs. June Schobel
Board Member
Mr. Ryan Thomas
Board Member
Mrs. Michele Eden
Board Member

November 2020- May 2023


Contact Info

Theresa Portwood, Secretary to the Superintendent 

105 Cardinal Lane

Columbus, TX 78934


(979) 732-5704 Ext. 100 phone

(979) 732-5960 fax



View the eligibility requirements by clicking links BBA Legal & BBB Local.

Columbus ISD residents interested in running for the School Board may pick up a candidate application packet from the Columbus ISD Administration office located at 105 Cardinal Lane.


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Any person wishing to address the Board during the period reserved for public comment at a Board meeting must sign up to be heard.  In accordance with District Policy BED (Local), all members of the audience who wish to address the Board, may do so by signing up prior to the start of the meeting and listing the topic or agenda item that you would like to discuss.  Each public comment speaker will be allowed a maximum of 3 minutes to address the Board. Any public comment speaker who uses a translator will receive up to 6 minutes to address the Board. Only those persons who sign up at least thirty minutes prior to the start of the meeting shall be allowed to speak to the Board during the public comment portion of the meeting.


  1. Complaints and concerns for which other resolution channels are provided should be directed through those channels.  These complaints include complaints on the following subjects: employee and officer complaints, termination of employment, student complaints, comments about students that are not the child of the speaker, removal to alternative education program, and expulsion.


  1. Vendors or prospective vendors, who are currently or prospectively engaging in the bidding or request for proposal process with the District, should comply and review any applicable Bid Instructions, which may limit comments on current or prospective bids. 


If the Board President determines that there is a conflict with policy, the person shall be directed to the appropriate policy for attempted resolution. You must make your comments on agenda items in a civil and courteous fashion.  Avoid using profanity.  We ask that you not discuss students who are not your own child.

Public Comment-Sign-In Sheets can be emailed in advance to Theresa Portwood, Secretary to the Superintendent, at