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Substitute Teacher

How to Become a Substitute Teacher at Columbus ISD


The first step is to complete an online substitute teacher application and apply for a substitute position.

Columbus ISD’s policy on substitute teaching is that if you are not a certified teacher you must complete STEDI’s Online Substitute Teaching course. You can find the course at

If you are not a certified teacher, you will need to register for the SubSkills Online Training Package (Basic Option A), and take the online training class. The cost of the training is $39.95. You will have access to the training once your fees have been paid.

You must receive 80% or higher on your final assessment. This training is as a screening tool for substitute applicants. The course typically takes about 9 hours to complete. You have the ability to start and stop the training if needed. Certified teachers are not required to take the online training class. Currently enrolled alternative teaching certification program applicants are required to take the online class.

You will be contacted via email once your application has been reviewed.


Substitute Employment Process

Columbus ISD will make every effort to employ the most qualified substitute teachers available. Substitute teachers are identified through the following process:



Certified teachers who have requested employment and live in reasonable proximity to the district will be contacted.

Local newspapers and other media will publicize additional needs.

Prior year substitutes will be contacted each summer for confirmation.



Texas Education Agency Guidelines require that school’s use the most qualified persons available each day that substitutes are required.



Provides employment on a part -time basis

Offers opportunity to explore teaching as a career


The Following documents will be requested at the time of your interview:

Two forms of identification to complete the I-9

Official College Transcript or High school Diploma

Voided Check for direct deposit

Teaching Certification or Sub Diploma

Two Reference letters.

If substituting for a Teacher or Paraprofessional the following rates applies:


Substitute - No Degree

$35.00 Half Day

$70.00 Full Day


Substitute - College Degree

$40.00 Half Day

$80.00 Full Day


Substitute - Certified Teacher

$45.00 Half Day

$90.00 Full Day


***For Certified Teachers Only: If a Substitute is a Certified Teacher and will be substituting for a Certified Teacher in the same assignment for more than 5 consecutive days, the certified substitute will receive $100.00 per day starting on the 6th day.


If substituting for a Teacher or Paraprofessional for more than 5 consecutive days, the substitute will receive an additional $5.00 per day.

If substituting for a Special Needs Teacher or Paraprofessional (e.g. Life Skills Classroom/ Pic-Pac classroom. The substitute will receive an addition $5.00 per day.)


Note: Half-day is for work up to 4 hours

Full day is for work form 4 ½ hours to 8 hours.


Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching in our district.

We utilize an on-line employment application process.

Please visit to complete an on-line application.

If you have any questions in regards to applying on-line, please contact:


Anela Carter, Director Administrative Assistant - HR

(979) 732-5704 ext 105