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Capital Improvement Projects

Updated 07/10/2018

Capital Improvement Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we getting artificial turf?

Our current field is used more than it has been in the past. We host Sub-Varsity football on Thursdays, Varsity football at least five Fridays, St. Anthony’s football on Wednesdays and two different youth league football teams on Saturdays. Columbus ISD has added soccer for both boys and girls. We also have junior high and high school track and field out there. Our athletic teams use it for workouts during the athletic period.


Will my taxes go up because of Columbus ISD installing the new turf?

No. As a matter of fact the tax rate for the 2013-2014 school year was $1.18 per $100 value. Currently, the tax rate is $1.16 per $100 value. The CISD Board of Trustees has lowered the tax rate over the last five years. The Columbus ISD can only set the tax rate, we have no control over property values.


Why can’t we spend this money on raises for employees?

These expenditures are one-time expenditures. Employee raises occur every year. We would have to take this money out of the fund balance annually to cover these raises. In 2016, the salary schedule for our hourly employees was increased. In 2017, the salary schedule for teachers, nurses and librarians was increased. In 2018, We have already approved raises for the hourly employees. On May 14, 2018, we are taking recommendations for salary increases for all teachers, nurses, librarians, counselors and other professional staff to the board.


Are there other things we could do for our schools?

Yes, and we are! The board stressed that before we consider turf, we plan for our other needs. The district worked with VLK Architects on a facilities study. Some of the projects that we already are working on are things such as Security Vestibules for the elementary, Junior High and High School Campuses. Improvements to the chiller and air handlers (HVAC) at the elementary campus, halls and cafeterias painted on all three campuses. We are replacing the ceilings in the elementary and junior high campus kitchens. Construction of an awning at the junior high bus pick up and drop off area. Replacing the ceiling grid and tiles in the halls, and installation of ADA card access at the high school. These are just some of the capital improvements we are making. We are excited to improve our safety/security and learning environments for our students and employees. For a complete list of improvements, please see the Capital Improvement Projects List.


Where is all this money coming from?

The capital improvement projects are coming from money that is budgeted in our current budget. The turf project will have to be paid for out of fund balance.


What is fund balance?


A district’s fund balance is similar to your savings account at home. It is built from the money that is budgeted, but for various reasons, not all of it is spent. At the end of the fiscal year, August 31st of every year, any money not spent goes into the fund balance. The state requires a minimum of three months operating costs be kept in the fund balance. CISD will have more than three months operating costs, even after taking the money out for turf.


Why are we not stressing more on academics?


Columbus ISD is made up of high quality people who work tirelessly to do what is best for students. Please see Academic Improvements to see all the efforts we have implemented for academics