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6th Grade Social Studies

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Tamalyn Neuendorff


4th Period conference 10:13-10:58

Conference Period

Call 732-2891 for an appointment

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6th grade Social Studieswill include the History, Geography, Economics, Government, Citizenship, andCulture of the various societies of the World.


Blue or Black pen, pencil, Map Pencils, Composition book, folder with brads, Notebook paper, A/R library book.

Textbook:                                                                                     TextbookReplacement Cost:

OurWorld Today People, Places, and Issues                                $53.25


ClassRules/Expectations:                                                            Consequences

Be seated in your desk and prepared when the bell rings.             1st time- Verbal warning

Listen carefully and follow directions.                                              2nd time- Parent contact

Do not disturb others.                                                                      3rd time-Referral toprincipal

Respect others- be kind in words and actions.                               4th time- Principal assigns ISS

Respect school and personal property.


BeforeSchool: 7:30-7:45 and after school: 3:20-3:40 and Advisory period most days.

NoAM tutorials on Tuesday’s I have duty.

*Make an appointment with me in advance to assure that I will be there.


Homework is due the next class day unless stated differently. All homework assignments are to be written in the Agenda book by the student and will have my signature stamp. The Agenda book is to be signed by a parent or guardian nightly. Parents please check the agenda book nightly the 6th grade teachers often use it as the first form of communication home.


MajorGrades (Tests, 6th week Composition book, Projects)=40%

MinorGrades (classwork, quizzes, 3rd week Composition book, foldables, etc.)=50%

Other(homework,participation, etc.)=10%

*All work with grades less than 100% MUST be corrected and turned in to be rechecked by the next class period.

Absence work, Latework, Retesting, and Cheating policies:

SeeStudent Handbook for campus wide policies.


6 Weeks topics: (Subject to change)

1st Six Weeks

Geography Handbook Skills and OurWorld: Chapters GH, 1, 2

Unit 01: North America: Chapters: 18,19, 20

Unit 02: Celebrate Freedom

Unit 03: Central America andCaribbean: Chapter 21

2nd Six Weeks

Unit 04: South America: Chapters 22,23

Unit 05: Europe: Chapters: 9,10, 11, 12

3rd Six Weeks

Unit 06: Russian-EurasianRepublics: Chapters: 13, 14

Unit 07: East Asia: Chapters: 6,7

Mid-Term Exam

4th Six Weeks

Unit 08: Southeast Asia: Chapter: 8

Unit 09: South Asia: Chapter: 5

5th Six Weeks

Unit 10: Southwest Asia and NorthAfrica: Chapters: 3, 4

Unit 11: Sub-Saharan Africa:Chapters: 15, 16, 17

6th Six Weeks

Unit 12: Australia and Oceania:Chapters: 24, 25

Unit 13: Independent Study andInnovation

Final Exam

Other Information:

Composition book: student composition books will be filled with various notes, foldables, vocabulary words, other test study aids etc. These will be a major part of the students 6 weeks grades as they will count for 2 grades each 6 weeks. A daily grade before the progress notes (3rd week) and a test grade  before report cards (6th week).

Projects: All projects and their components will be completed inclass and will not go home. Research may be done at home but all project work must be completed in class. Students may come to tutorials if you need more time to complete any part of the project. Projects and foldables: Will be assigned each 6 weeks which will involve research and other work. Example students will be, writing research papers, making timelines, and other informational foldables and projects. Students will be given time in class and a due date for the completion which may involve time at home.
Librarybooks: Students are required to bring an A/R library book to class everyday to read when they have completed assignments.

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