Columbus Junior High School – Riverside Campus

Visitor Procedures

A safe school environment is essential for learning, and is one of the highest priorities in the Columbus Independent School District.

For the security of our students and staff and the safety of our guests, a uniform visitor policy has been implemented at all District buildings.

Visitors will be asked to produce photo identification when stopping by to visit one of our schools. No matter which school you are visiting, guests should expect tofollow the same procedures when entering the building.

Visitors should expect to be signed in by a staff member and issued a visitor badge,which must be visible at all times. During events that are open to the public, exceptions and modifications to these procedures may be posted.

When you are leaving, return your badge and the time of your departure will be recorded. This is a very important step, because in the event of an emergency evacuation, such as a fire drill, we will be using the visitor log to make sure that all guests are accounted for and have exited safely.

While some of these measures may create anxiety, inconvenience or delays, they are necessary steps to provide the safest and most secure learning environment possible.

We hope thatby following these basic procedures, our schools will be safer for our guests,our staff, and especially for our students.

Thank you for being our partners in this important effort.