Columbus Elementary School

Preparing Today’s Students to Succeed
in Tomorrow’s World!
    I  would like to welcome each of you to  a great year at CES! I am very excited about having you in my class. You will be a part of a great third grade family with lots of excitement, challenges, and fun, while working hard & learning this school year. 
This year your child will have two teachers. Ms. Coyle  for reading, language arts, and social studies. They will have me, Mrs. Hunger for math and science. Your child will switch, spending half the day with each teacher.  Along with learning the third grade curriculum, students will be taking the math and reading STARR test .       
    In math class, we use the C-Scope program learning skills and reviewing ones, previously taught. Students will have an assessment over those skills each Friday. Your child will have nightly math homework Monday-Thursday.  Work will be sent home a large packet each six weeks contains work they have or will learn each six weeks. This packet is to be done at home and left at home. This will not be for a grade but used as a tool to sharpen skills and practice when needed. Use this packet as you wish. Science will be taught using their textbook and a variety of other resources and labs. Most science will be done in class but they will periodically have an assignment or project to be completed or finished at home. Tests will be given over the material once it has been covered.

                Homework assignments are to be written each day in their planners and can also be checked on my website. The planner & take home folder will go home each night and needs to return daily. It is the students responsibility to write their assignments down which will be witten daily on the board and left up all week on  the homework poster. If you have notes, money, forms, etc. that need to be returned to school, please send in this folder. Please encourage your child to do his or her best. Make sure homework is done when assigned and information is signed when needed. On Mondays, students will have graded papers as well as circle charts that describe their weekly behavior or notes from the teachers. Please sign this chart and return it the following school day. If your child doesn’t return by the third day, they will have consequences. If there is a problem that results in your child not having homework or a signed item, please send a signed note stating the reason why.                 
    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please contact me by note, phone, E-mail, or check my website for information.  It takes each and every one of us working together to be successful so I am looking forward to working with you and your child, making this year the most successful, fun and rewarding year yet. Go Cardinals!

Mrs. Amanda Hunger