Columbus Elementary School

What We Are Learning:
The Week of April 14, 2014
Story of the week: ITBS Testing! NO STORY!
Sight words to learn: Review all!
Spelling words: ITBS Testing! NO STORY!

Math:  Graphs, Charts, addition and subtraction, Money, Time, Temperature
Science: Habitats, Life Cycles
Social Studies:  Our Earth, Caring for our resources
 The Week of April 21
 Story of the Week:  Cool Jobs
Sight Words to Learn: build, goes, laugh, only, cause, saw, goes, went, write, friends
Spelling Words:  retry, reuse, remake, retake, replay, unpack, unsafe, unlike, undo, unfold
Math: Data, Graphs, Charts
Science:  Life Cycles, Habitats
Social Studies:  goods and services